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Taste Manhattan's flavour in 2 days

New York, USA

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The most beautiful city in the world

New York City has the ability to share its energy with you; the spaces grow in height, the air is sparkling, it really is a unique place. Following this itinerary, you will be guided towards the City's main attractions; in just two days you will see everything you really can't miss.


This itinerary has been planned without public transports, in order to have an authentic Manhattan experience...; don't worry, everything has been worked out in a way that you won't have to walk too much without missing anything.

Statue of Liberty
Step 1

Where else beginning our New York if not from its symbol: the Statue of Liberty, universally known as the symbol of freedom and democracy. After a real American breakfast, head towards the southern part of Manhattan, more specifically at Battery Park. The estimated time of your visit will be roughly 3/4 hrs, so we hardly recommend to be there early in the morning, in order to avoid the endless queues.


The ferry tickets can be bought online or on the Pier itself but be careful; to climb up to the statue's crown, you need to buy the tickets online months earlier . Now just enjoy the amazing Liberty Island, and don't waste the chance to take wonderful picture to the unique NY Skyline.

Lunch at the museum

Once ended your trip, you will surely start to feel the hunger pains, so why not stop by the close "Fraunces Tavern", a traditional tavern that, beyond its genuine american cuisine, it's a museum as well, since George Washington itself used to attend there.

What about a good coffee in Wall Street now?

Wall Street
Step 2

The second proposed stop is the promenade in the Financial District walking along Wall Street. From there you'll have the chance to take a picture with the huge Charging Bull and observe the coming and going of people in their suit walking in the New York Stock Exchange, one of the most popular in the world.

Trinity Church

Moving up Wall Street you will reach the Broadway. There we suggest you to spend some time visiting Trinity Church right in front of you, one of the most ancient churches of the Big Apple; in its cemetery, many historical figures are resting.

And now we'll carry on towards a sadly notorious site full of memories.

9/11 Memorial
Step 3

Once terminated your visit to the Trinity Church, head north following the Broadway and go left in Liberty Street. After a 10 minutes walk, you'll be in our afternoon stop: The World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan. We all remember the Twin Tower and the terrible facts happened there. You'll need approximately 3 hrs to visit this stop.

Ground Zero and the attacks

It's kind of out of line to talk about "Ground Zero", considering that the area has been in the making since the terrible 9/11 attacks. In that Tuesday morning, the two diverted United Airlines Boeing 767, one from Boston to L.A., the other one from Newark to San Francisco, both crashed on the Twin Towers, that collapsed after a few hours. For this reason this district is rich in history and its main attractions has been built in tribute of the 2.900 casualties of that horrible day.

9-11 Memorial

The first memorial we'll see are the majestic fountains, inaugurated on 2011, that take the very same place of where the Twin Towers were, surrounded by a 400 trees wood. Along the edge of the pools are carved the names of the multitude of people who lost their lives on 9/11.

9-11 Museum

Now let's continue our tour with the museum inaugurated on 2014 that walks us through, with the help of items and footage, the facts of that tragic day. The museum, divided in three parts, tells about what was before, during and after the 9/11 attacks; starting from the premises which led to those acts, following a linear route leading to the impacts and ramifications that these events had on NY and on the rest of the world. The price for the the tour is 24$ for the adults and 15$ for kids from 7 to 17 years old.

Wouldn't you like to see all of this from up above?

One World Trade Center
Step 4

Our tour goes on with the One World Trade Center (aka as Freedom Tower), the skyscraper built just beside of where the Twin Towers were and that, symbolically, takes their place. That's a new and spectacular scenic overlook on New York City.

One world Observatory

The One World Observatory is definitely the most exciting part of the Freedom Tower: it's a 360° observatory that gives you a delightful view of the City, supported by 3D videos and a 60 secs elevator ride to get to the 102nd floor. The adult entrance price is 32$, for the senior (over 65) is 30$, 26$ for the kids from 6 to 12 and completely free for the under 5 child. This visit will take you nearly 90 minutes and will escort us to the sunset.


Once terminated the visit, we hardly recommend you to stop by the latest creation of the famous architect Santiago Calatrava: the Oculus, to take some picture of this unique subway stop.

Sun's setting, let's enjoy this magical moment, Brooklyn Bridge's waiting for us.

Brooklyn Bridge
Step 5

Now let's head towards Brooklyn Bridge, a nice 10 minutes walk from where you are.

Sunset promenade

The super popular Brooklyn Bridge, inaugurated on May 24th 1883, has unquestionably been one of the greatest piece of engineering of the 19th century. Let's benefit from this stunning steel structure to chill with a nice promenade with the Manhattan skyline with sunset light view. It will be unforgettable.

Park with a view

At the end of the Bridge, you will find on the right side one of the best-known location for photography enthusiast: the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. Whether you are an expert or a beginner, it's gonna be impossible not to capture this moment somehow.

After this intense day, we'll let you go back to the hotel to have something to eat and chill out a bit. Get ready for the night, you will live something worth remembering.

Empire State Building
Step 6

For your first night in "the most beautiful city in the world", you deserve something magic.

The "City of blinding lights"

On the 350 of the 5th Avenue you will find the Empire State Building, as known as the most popular skyscraper in the world. Getting on the terrace of this historical skyscraper at the 86th floor or reaching the top deck at the 102nd by night will give you an unforgettable experience. The lights of New York will leave you breathless.

Timetable and tickets

The Observatory opens at 8.00 am and closes at 2.00 am (the last elevator ride is at 1.15am ). Ticket price is: - 102nd floor observatory : $54 adults/$47 kids - 86th floor observatory : $34 adults/$27 kids To avoid long queues at the ticket office, we recommend you to book your tickets in advance online. Enjoy!!!

Some say "there's something in New York's air that makes sleeping useless", we can't help but agreeing with this. Now you need a good night's sleep to deal with the second day of our tour, so go to sleep!!! Goodnight.

Central Park
Step 7

The best way to make use of your time in NY, is waking up early, almost to see the sunrise; the first step of our itinerary is a good and satisfying american breakfast in the popular Sarabeth' s at 40 Central Park South.

Rent a bike

Once packed with energy to deal with the day, move to the 58th and rent a bike to use in Central Park, you're gonna need it!!!

And now, explore Central Park!!!

As you can well imagine, there are many attractions in one of the most renowned park in the world; in its 2.5 miles of length, you will meet beautiful culverts where to take amazing pics, many lakes, ponds and green fields. It's up to you to decide how to spend these couple hours at Central Park: chill out, enjoy the passage of the hundreds of people jogging and visit the most iconic places.

Central Park Must-see

Here's some of the main attractions: - "Alice in Wonderland"'s statue (east side of the Park, close 74th street), - The awesome Angel of Waters fountain (in the center of the park in correspondence of the 72nd street), - The Mall (between the 66th and 72nd ), - The Strawberry Fields Memorial (west side of the Park between the 71st and 72nd), in memory of John Lennon, assassinated not far from there.

Museum Mile

In order not to lose something worth seeing, we suggest to pass by the Museum Mile, located where the 5th Avenue skirts the Park while getting back from your Central Park tour. In this way you will have the opportunity to see the popular structures of the most well-known New York's museum: the Solomon R. Guggenheim and the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Met).

And now...on the top of Manhattan!!!

Top Of The Rock
Step 8
Rockefeller Center

Once returned the bikes, walk through 5th Avenue heading south and after a 10 minutes walk you will see on the right the majestic Rockefeller Center, one of the iconic places of the Big Apple. This complex is composed of 19 buildings: a large number of shops, gardens, tv studios, squares and restaurants. You'll surely notice this location, because during wintertime here is decorated a massive Christmas tree you must have seen in some movie.

A 360° view of New York

Try not to get lost shopping, it's time to get onto the top of Manhattan: the Top of the Rock. This Observatory is the most recommended during daytime because from there you can see the whole Central Park that, during the night, would only look like a huge rectangular black area. At the 70th floor of this art decò style building there are three different internal and external terraces that allows to have a clear 360° view over NY. Beside the large green surface of the Park, you'll manage to see the main skyscrapers: the Empire, Chrysler and the Freedom Tower. No other place in the City can offer such an amazing and complete Manhattan view.

Tickets and timetable

The Observatory is open 365 days a year from 8.30 am to 0.00 am. Ticket price is 34$ for the adults, 28$ for the kids.

Now, with the eyes full of wonder, take a break in one of the many nice restaurants in the area for a refreshing lunch.

St. Patrick's Cathedral
Step 9

On the 5th Avenue, near the Rockefeller Center, you'll surely have noticed the church dedicated to the patron of Ireland. The structure of the church is a black swan in the modern urban New York's jungle of buildings.

Head inside and admire this huge Gothic cathedral, with its very high ceilings and stained glass windows. On the inside you can see many pieces manufactured by craftsmen from all over the world and an enormous replica of Michelangelo's Pietà. But let's keep our visit here short, so that we can enjoy the rest of the attractions.

New York Public Library
Step 10

After the visit to the cathedral, keep on going south on the 5th Av., where we will find, at a 10 minutes walking distance, on the right the New York Public Library, the next stop of our itinerary.

Like in a movie

Visiting this massive Beaux-Art building, encircled by the lovely Bryant Park, will leave you charmed. The fancy and lavish spaces, the 4 floors full of shelves filled with books won't help but amaze and remind you movie scenes like "Sex and the City" and "Spiderman 3".

Grand Central Terminal

Keeping going up to the 42 th St. towards the East River, you will meet three popular locations that you definitely can't lose in this 2-days New York itinerary. The first one is Grand Central, an architectural artwork, a unique piece of Manhattan's history. Just by entering in the hall you will be astonished; this station is the largest in the world and serves 80 milion travelers per year. Lifting your eyes, you can see the beautiful starry ceiling, where the French painter Paul Cesar Helleu painted a 2500 star night sky. The constellations are painted upside down, not representing our perspective, but God's point of view.

Chrysler Building

Iconic, unique and spectacular, the Chrysler Building is probably one of the most beloved skyscraper in the world; designed by the architect William Van Alen, commissioned by the tycoon Walter P.Chrysler and inaugurated on 1930 with its 1047 ft of height, this Art Decò style building stands out due to its entirely unique architecture. Nowadays, the hall is the only part open to public.

Headquarters of the United Nations

The 15 minutes walk on the 42nd will finally bring you in front of the Headquarters of the United Nations; once crossed the gate, you will be in international territory.

Your afternoon has been quite tiring, so better go back to your hotel to get ready for the night.

Flatiron Building
Step 11

Your dinner couldn't have been in any other place than at the base of one of the most popular buildings in New York, and the menu...well it's just the most renowned hamburger of the City. Head to the base of the Flatiron Building, at the 175 of the 5th Av, near the Madison Square Park and wait in line at the "Shake Shack"; the hamburgers there are delicious, made with fresh Angus meat.

To wrap up this amazing experience, let's go to the "center of the world": get back to the Broadway, go north and in 15 minutes you will reach Times Square.

Times Square
Step 12

Let yourself be amazed by the shining neon and advertising billboard massive light, swim in the river of people passing by. Chaos is the distinctive trait of Times Square, the beating heart of New York, as well as picturesque characters that looks like to be spit out of a movie set with whom taking a photo with will be a must; have a taste of what does “Times Square never sleeps” means. While on Times Square, don’t forget to take a look at the many stores and get something to drink, there’s anything you ain’t gonna find there. This place is unique. Enjoy your night.

Thank you for joining us... See you on the next tour!!!.

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