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Manhattan : a guide to the traditional NY's cocktail

New York, USA


The Manhattan has always been considered to be a classical cocktail that pairs with any kind of aperitif or happy hour, despite its strong taste due to the presence of the Whisky. It was conceived in NY's "Manhattan Club" during a party hosted by Jennie Jerome (Winston Churchill's mother), in honor of the mayor Samuel J. Tilden.

Like in a movie set

Over the years the Manhattan has been more and more used in TV shows and movie as the iconic New York cocktail as we can see in "Will and Grace", "Sex & the city", not to mention the world-celebrated "Some like it hot", where Marilyn Monroe and her friends decides to have a party in a train, making a Manhattan in a bottle. Having an authentic Manhattan with its cherry in a New York lounge bar will totally give you the sensation to be inside a movie.