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Aila Guide

Nepal, Nepal

Food Guide

A good aila, when drunk gives you a different feel, a divine feel. The moment you take a sip, all your sensory nerves get active and you can feel its way to your stomach via your tongue and throat, all the way till the mid of your abdomen. That’s the most enjoyable part of drinking this super liquor, besides all other benefits and cultural pride it gives.

The most potent of any alcoholic beverage found in Nepal

High alcoholic content is immediately revealed by the unmistakable odor. Water clear in appearance, it tastes very much like a good quality Baiju. It's brewed from millet and then distilled. In good taverns or restaurants that feature Aila, choices are offered among single, double and triple distilled, locally referred to as ek pani, dui pani, tin pani respectively.

The manufacturing of aila carries a special importance for the women of a household, and they pride themselves in their liquor. They put the most effort and time into making aila for special celebrations, so the finest of these liquors are homemade. Aila is a strong drink: a thrilling and smooth grain alcohol. Different grains produce different flavors: rice aila is rich and smooth, kodo or millet is stronger and fierier

A Homemade Liquor

Himalayan Distillery’s Aila is the first attempt to commercialize to mass market. The vast majority of Aila is brewed and distilled at homes including these being sold in taverns, mostly by Newari people. Forget tequila shots, try aila when in Nepal or in Kathmandu. Just the sensation of mildly burning throat, food pipe, stomach and intestines will be a memorable mini adventure.