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Taste the Floribbean Cuisine

Miami, FL

Food Guide

The heart of what makes a particular dish "Floribbean" is similar to that of certain other aspects of variable Floridian culture: it is affected by visitors and immigrants from all over the world, but especially from the Caribbean, Cuba and Puerto Rico. Various types of the wide variety of seafood caught off Florida's 1350 miles of coastline are often paired with tropical fruits such as mangos, papayas, plantains, coconuts, citrus, and lychees. The fusion of these flavors led to the development of this distinctive South Florida regional cuisine.


An emphasis on fresh ingredients, complex medleys of spices, especially strong flavors offset by milder ones. Emphasis on seafood and poultry with generous use of fresh fruit and juices, especially citrus and sweet tropical fruits Special care in presentation, seeking a more natural effect rather than an ostentatious one Floribbean cooking often uses less spicy heat than the Caribbean dishes that inspire it, but there is extensive use of several kinds of peppers. This pungency, however, is almost always moderated by the use of mango, papaya, rum, almond, coconut, key lime, or honey.