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Española Way

Street Miami, FL

A Taste of Europe Española Way

Miami Beach’s Espanola Way is a slice of history with a touch of culture; modeled after picturesque and romantic Mediterranean villages found in France and Spain, north of 14th Street between Washington and Pennsylvania Avenues, this street stands seemingly untouched by the modern times. The area was initially intended for Miami Beach’s high society; the 1920s brought about rough conditions as gangsters like the infamous Al Capone used the most popular Clay Hotel for gambling. Today anyone passing by this street can enjoy the discovery and the charm of Espanola Way.

With the directors and creatives behind Miami Vice TV show promoting such interest in the area, Espanola Way found some prestige; the district had been discovered by Hollywood and would go on to appear in numerous films like Chains of Gold with John Travolta and The Birdcage. Art galleries like Espanola Way Art Center and Marcel Gallery expand on the subject of culture by bringing art to the street. Like many of the shops on Espanola Way, the area’s vibe is unique.

South Beach
Española Way, Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA

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