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Nosy Tanikely

Isle Madagascar, Madagascar

Marine Sanctuary Nosy Tanikely

The island is a marine sanctuary, and offers snorkeling that is truly world-class. While in the water you will see all manner of healthy and colorful corals, with vast numbers of reef fish. Sea turtles are almost certain to be seen as well, but sharks are a rarity in the waters throughout the Nosy Be area. On land, a troop of introduced brown lemurs inhabit the trees at the island's center and can be reached via a short set of stairs that ascend from the beach. There is also a lighthouse at the island's peak, which can be ascended via a spiral staircase. An interpretive kiosk adjacent to the lighthouse provides information about the area's nature in several different languages. Along the beach, a small trail leads up to a tree that is home to a 3 colony of massive fruit bats, also known as Madagascar flying foxes. When visiting the bats be sure to keep your distance to avoid disturbing the colony.

While on the island you can travel by foot along the beaches and on the trails that lead up to the lighthouse. The only other option is to travel by boat - a circumnavigation of the island takes 15-20 minutes and passes through incredible blue waters and past beautiful beaches.

Nosy Tanikely, Madagascar

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