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Manambolo River

River Madagascar, Madagascar

Orange River Manambolo River

The Manambolo river originates in the highlands of Madagascar ("Haut plateau"), about 80 miles (130 km) west of Antananarivo, the capital city of the country. The Manambolo, deep red-orange in color from eroded sediment, descends through a largely deforested landscape as it heads toward the Mozambique Channel. About 45 miles (70 km) before reaching the sea, the river enters the Manambolo canyon. The canyon is spectacular with colorful sandstone cliffs and thick cover of deciduous forest. Lemurs (Decken's sifaka and red-fronted brown lemurs) may be seen coming down to drink at the river's edge and in trees along the ridgeline. There are several small clearwater creeks adding to the Manambolo's flow in the canyon and following one of these creeks can be quite rewarding. In the lower part of the canyon, the river loses its current and becomes a pool.

Manambolo, Madagascar

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