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Fishing Village Madagascar, Madagascar

A unique traditional experience! Anakao

Anakao or Anokao is a coastal fishing town of about 3000 on the southwest coast of Madagascar, 35 kilometers south of Toliara. It is located southwest of Soalara. It is inhabited by the Vezo people and is a notable resort getaway, containing the Club Resort Anakao, Anakao Ocean Lodge, Prince Anakao, and Chez Emile hotels. There are some tombs located near the point of the town. The terrible roads heading south make boat the best way to reach Anakao and fleets of pirogues line the shore. The inaccessibility of the village means that modern development has largely passed by Anakao.

During colonial times, Anakao was a busy fishing port, and this remains the main occupation of the villagers today. Shortly after dawn each morning you'll see the fishermen putting out to sea, and tens of tiny sails flutter across the water. Anakao has some pretty beaches, and offshore lies Nosy Ve. This tiny island has a white sandy shoreline, and is home to hundreds of tropic birds. The reefs off Anakao offer good diving and surfing. While snorkelling it is possible to see a myriad of fish including surgeon fish, angel fish, butterfly fish, groupers and rays.

Anakao, Madagascar

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