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Tower of London

Castle London, United Kingdom

The Dreadful Tower of London

The White Tower is an impressive and frightening structure dating back to the Anglo-Saxon period. It was built on the north bank of the river Thames by William the Conqueror. Through the centuries it had many functions: fortress, residential palace, prison and finally museum, as it is today. Many famous executions were held here, among which Anne Boleyn's, Henry VIII's second wife.

The buildings of this complex site host a collection of armours and, at the Waterloo Barracks, the famous Crown Jewels. Don't miss the Yeomen Warders tour! The Guardians of the Tower are better known by the name of Beefeaters. The guided tour starts from the Middle Tower every half hour. Each day there are three ceremonies: - Opening Ceremony at 9am; - Ceremony of the Word at 3:45 pm at the Waterloo Barracks; - Ceremony of the Keys, from 21.53 to 22. One of the peculiarities of the Tower of London is the presence of ravens. According to an ancient legend, if the Ravens would abandon the Tower, the monarchy and the entire kingdom of England would fall. Therefore the presence of at least six specimens is guaranteed, as their wings have been wound up to prevent them from flying away.

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