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The London Outdoor Cinemas

London, United Kingdom

Collection of 6 places
Back to Elizabethan age at Shakespeare’s Globe

Opened in 1997, the new Globe is a replica of the old Shakespeare theatre: oak poles, Norfolk canes, chalk with goat hair, lime and sand. That's how Sam Wanamaker wanted it: the American actor and director, since 1949, began a long campaign for the reconstruction of the Shakespearean theater.

Everyday is a special day at Kensington Roof Gardens

Whether you want to relax, have a meal, go clubbing or watch a movie, Kensington Roof Gardens is the place to be. The Roof Gardens are one of The Rooftop Film Club, so you can explore the beautiful gardens, enjoy the bar service, take a seat in one of the many gardens, enjoy the BBQ and welcome drink, and relax with the wild Flamingos before entering the cinema.

A movie under the stars at Bussey Building

Remember to keep your eyes on the film and not on the Instagram-friendly 360° view over of London at the Peckham outpost of the Rooftop Film Club. The Bar is open from 5pm Tues-Sun, serving drinks until 11pm. The Box Office is open an hour before your film starts, so get there early for drinks and food whilst the sun sets over London!

Sit on director's chair at Queen of Hoxton

The Queen of Hoxton cinema uses director's chairs, which are setup 30 minutes before the film starts. The Bar and Rooftop are open from midday throughout the summer, serving drinks until late. The Rooftop Film Club Box Office is open from 8pm.

#1 Open Air The Luna Cinema

Dozens of venue you can choose from, the beauty of this touring outdoor cinema is walking into a palace, Royal park or other equally magical location with a picnic just as everyone else is leaving.

A Theme Movie at Backyard Cinema

What once started as a homemade project in Dominic’s very own back garden has grown to be one of London’s most recognised and sought after alternative cinema experiences. Backyard Cinema is now a roaming, theatrical, cinema that shows a wide selection of films in a variety of iconic, unusual and immersive locations both in and outdoors around London