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Shakespeare’s Globe

Theater London, United Kingdom

Back to Elizabethan age at Shakespeare’s Globe

Opened in 1997, the new Globe is a replica of the old Shakespeare theatre: oak poles, Norfolk canes, chalk with goat hair, lime and sand. That's how Sam Wanamaker wanted it: the American actor and director, since 1949, began a long campaign for the reconstruction of the Shakespearean theater.

Just like in those days you can enjoy Shakespeare's plays from the circular galleries or standing next to the stage. The stage is illuminated by natural light seeping from the open ceiling. An afternoon show at the Globe is a real dive into the past. Nowadays two penny are no longer enough for the ticket, but the high quality of the performances makes everything worth the price. Strictly in daylight, with no amplification of sounds or music, no scenography and no women on stage. The old theater, destroyed by civil war in 1643, is now buried under a row of Georgian houses declared of national interest.

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    21 New Globe Walk, London SE1 9DT, UK

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