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Praia da Ursa

Beach Lisbon, Portugal

Should a beach this special be kept a secret? Praia da Ursa

Set on the Atlantic west coast just north of Cabo da Roca is a little gem of a beach: Praia da Ursa, where thousands of years of the Atlantic's wind and waves have carved the rocks and cliffs into interesting shapes. Unspoiled and wild, this little beach is often cited as one of the most beautiful in the area (it is...believe me). The name of the beach comes from the "Rocha da Ursa" (bear rock) one of two huge sea stacks at the northern end of the beach. It is said that the rock resembles a bear with its cub... This stunning natural beach shows itself at his best at sunset, when the sun starts to set it cast long shadows over the golden sand...a truly magical experience.

This beach is a little off the beaten track and access is difficult to say the least, be sure to wear proper shoes and don't underestimate the trail to get there. Located in the Natural Park of Sintra, this piece of shoreline (Europe's westernmost beach) can be difficult to access due to the steep, rocky hill leading down to it. Once at the bottom, explore the sandy shore and blue, albeit cold, waters. Nudists favor this attraction for its hard-to-reach location. Consider delaying your visit if the weather is rainy, because the climb becomes too slippery to travel here safely.

Praia da Ursa, Portugal

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