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Cais do Sodre

Street Lisbon, Portugal

The understatedly cool and trendy district of Lisbon Cais do Sodre

Cais do Sodre is the understatedly cool and trendy district of Lisbon, which has spearheaded the recent transformation of the city from traditional, to progressive and liberal. The once neglected area has become fashionable, as new shops, cafes and bars open, while the entire water front has undergone a much-needed rejuvenation. There is a lot for tourists to love about Cais do Sodre, with a riotous nightlife, delicious food from the Timeout market or the simple relaxed vibe of the Ribeira das Naus.

Cais do Sodre contains a diverse population and welcomes a wide selection of visitors, which simply adds to the ecliptic atmosphere of the district. During the day students and digital nomads can be found slipping coffee and exploiting the free WIFI of the cafes, while at night the party goers arise from their slumber, drawn by the banging nightlife of the Pink Street. When all of the night-time shenanigans of the Pink Street get to much, the train station leads directly to the glorious beaches of the Lisbon coastline. Cais do Sodré is effortless fashionable, but the dilapidated and chaotic appearance, eliminates any pretentiousness often associated with other cities uber cool districts.

1200-161 Lisbon, Portugal

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