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Lago di Tenno

Lake Lake Garda, Italy

Lake Tenno is the most limpid and clear freshwater lake in Italy Lago di Tenno

A lake that seems to come straight out of a painter’s palette, lake Tenno was created a thousand years ago by a landslide that fell from Monte Misone: a curiously violent origin for a place that is now the picture of tranquillity and enchantment. But the pastel coloured lake, surrounded by grassland and forests, hides a few secrets: in addition to a small island hosting a special biotope, for short periods of time, when the water level is lower, a second island emerges, called “the isle of the ‘86”, from the date of its first sighting. A trip to the lake gives the opportunity to dive into its waters and enjoy a deep contact with nature.

The Tenno lake, with its crystal clear water and uncontaminated surroundings, is an island of tranquillity, and ideal for swimming. It is called “the blue lake” because the surrounding forests and the white stones of its bed give it a blue-green hue. The Tenno lake can be reached only on foot, after a short walk down a flight of steps dating back from medieval times. Tenno benefits from a typically Mediterranean climate, even if it is immersed in the Alpine environment. The characteristic local terraced plantations include olive groves, vineyards and chestnut groves.

Canale di Tenno
Lago di Tenno, 38060 Tenno, Province of Trento, Italy

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