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La Limonaia del Castel

Gardens Lake Garda, Italy

When life gives you lemons... La Limonaia del Castel

Although wandering around a lemon museum might not sound all that appealing on the face of it, La Limonaia del Castel is a great place to spend an hour or two on your visit to Limone. Sitting at the foot of the hills to the northern part of town, there’s a small entrance fee to get into the museum that’s well worth it. Lemons have played a big part in Limone’s heritage, and the museum gives a great insight into this background as well as the cultivation of other fruits such as oranges, mandarins and grapefruits. It’s believed that lemons were first imported to Lake Garda from Genoa as far back as the 13th century, while Limone’s first lemon houses were built in the 17th century to protect the fruits from winter frosts. This led to an explosion of lemon farming in the town during the first part of the next century.

La Limonaia del Castel has revived this heritage by planting over 100 citrus plants, and reconstructing old ledges, tool sheds and irrigation systems. It’s a bit of a labor of love, which has paid of as the museum has gained in popularity. You’ll explore the different levels of this peaceful spot, learning about the different techniques that have been used to grow the lemons over the years. You’ll also have spectacular views over Lake Garda from the museum, so don’t forget to take your camera with you.


Limone sul Garda
Via Orti, 9, 25010 Limone Sul Garda BS, Italy

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