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Eating in Turin Guide

Torino, Italia

Guida Food

A trip to Torino and the Piedmont would not be complete without taking advantage of its delicious cuisine, which can easily be ranked as one of Italy’s best for the quality of its ingredients and tradition. Pastries, chocolate and wine also play a critical role and can be enjoyed in the many bars and restaurants of the city. The great dishes of Turin's cuisine were born from the mix between the local and the court cuisine, philosophy which was born in the period when Turin was the capital of Savoia Kingdom.


The list of antipasti of Turin's cuisine, offers a wide range of choice: generally from omelets to the Albese meat, from salads to veal with tuna fish soup, from tomini with oil to the dressed meats and to the vol au vent.

First Dishes

Pasta, rigorously fresh and homemade, is cooked in several shapes and different combinations: first of all the agnolotti and the tagliatelle; taste them dressed with roast sauce or grating on it truffles or mushrooms. We recommend you also the typical tajarin, pasta made with eggs, the buckwheat pasta soups, or ravioli stuffed with butter and sage, and the risotto with beans and salami.

Second Dishes and Cheese

Second dishes exalt the rural talent of the area: meats braised in wine or boiled, the typical bagna caoda, ancient rustic sauce in which raw and cooked vegetables are dipped. Also the list of typical cheese is creamy and variegated: from most famous Piemonte's dairy product Gorgonzola, "invented" in the 13th century, the Bra d'alpeggio, the Bruss, the Castelmagno, the sweet Murazzano, the Raschera, the robiola of Roccaverano, the Piemonte's Toma, the Bettelmat, the Cachat, the caprini of Rimella and ossolani, the Montebore etc.


Regarding desserts, we recommend you to taste the bonet with chocolate and amaretti, the small bignole, the hazelnut and the chocolate cakes, the gianduia chocolate, the zabaglione and the nougat (cake with nuts). Chocolate is adored and treasured in Turin: we remind you that the famous Gianduiotto is from this city... and don't forget to end your special dinner with the famous "bicerin" ('shot glass' in Turin dialect).