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Red Wines in Piedmont Guide

Torino, Italia

Guida Food
A Top Choice when it comes to Wines

When you think of some of the best Italian red wines, Piedmont hopefully comes to mind as it is one of the top players in the Italian wine industry. Barolo and Barbaresco are some of the best-known reds in Italy, produced in the Langhe in Southern Piedmont. Other red wines like Dolcetto, Barbera and Arneis can be more practical, enjoyable and approachable. Let’s find out more about them.

Piedmontese wines are classified among the most famous and valuable wines worldwide known. Wine production in Piemonte is not as conspicuous as in other areas of Italy, but the region, however, offers a wide variety of doc and docg wines (they are more than 70). 90% of white wines and 75% of red wines have been certified, making Piemonte the first region in Italy regarding the quality of wine production.


The most famous Piedmontese wine is unquestionably the Barolo, produced in the South-west of Alba, in the so-called Langa del Barolo. It's a wine with unique characteristics that are due to the particular geological profile of the area. Its history is significant: already in the 18th century it was beloved everywhere in Europe and at the beginning of 19th century, it began to be produced with the present characteristics. Thanks to the organoleptic characteristics and to its great structure, Barolo revealed itself immediately as a wine suitable for obsolescence and for export. Barolo finds its right match with dishes as roasted red meat, pot roast, bird, game, dishes with truffle and well-aged cheese. The most notable and traditional recipes are the Brasato with Barolo, the Risotto with Barolo, the Veal with Barolo, Piemonte' eel with Barolo and the Stracotto with Barolo. In honor of the Barolo, the region organizes many town festivals and parties, as the Festa del Barolo (Barolo's Day) which takes place in September in the homonym town.

Every single province in Piemonte is famous for the production of a particular type of wine that generally stands out for a unique climatic characteristic and for a specific cultivation technique.