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Rhodes Traditional Dishes

Rodi, Grecia

Guida Food

Avranies: it's a local type of wild asparagus, cooked with oil and onions and dressed with a light sauce made of flour and lemon juice. Pitaroudia: fried pies made of chickpeas, served with onion and tomato. Chtapodokeftedes: The exact translation of this is 'octapus ball'... Think meat-balls, but made of minced octapus meat, fried and served for your pleasure!

Main dishes

Psaria marinata: Basically, it's any type of freshly fished fish, marinated in wonderfully aromatic freshly picked rosemary, olive oil, salt, vinegar and pepper. Katsiki stifado: Lamb chops cooked with rice and cinnamon, a traditional favourite at the village of Psinthos. Psaria tiganita me pligouri: Fried fresh fish with a side of groats cooked with tomato