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Museo delle navi antiche di Pisa

Museo Pisa, Italia

The ancient Etruscan and Roman port Museo delle navi antiche di Pisa

The Museum of Ancient Ships of Pisa, is a very young museum still under construction. In 1998, during some works at the railway construction, the different archaeological material started to come up. It has revealed to be a very important archaeological site, situated beside the Serchio river, where, due to numerous floods many centuries ago, at least 30 ships were destroyed and hidden under the water. Thanks to the complete lack of oxygen, they remained well conserved. The Naval Museum is, for the moment, hosted by Arsenal Medicei, at Pisan Lungarno. As of November 30, 2016 the Museo delle Navi Antiche in Pisa opened its doors for two of the eight rooms which will showcase over 30 restored or re-created vessels from the Roman period and early Middle Ages.

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