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Sleeping in a Nipa Hut Guide

Philippines, Philippines


The Nipa Hut, or more accurately Kamalig or Bahay Kubo, is a type of stilt house indigenous to the cultures of the Philippines. It often serves as an icon of Philippine culture or, more specifically, Filipino rural culture. Its architectural principles gave way to many of Filipino traditional houses and buildings that rose after the pre-colonial era. These includes the Colonial era "Bahay na Bato" which is a noble version of Bahay Kubo with Spanish and some Chinese main architectural influence.

Nothing else can better symbolize rich Filipino history than this humble home, which has evidently grown, and evolved throughout the years. Today, design concepts of modern structures have adopted the unique elements the Bahay Kubo is formed.

The unique characteristics of the traditional Nipa huts include mobility and its appropriateness to the tropical climate you can find in the Philippines. Made from lightweight materials, the small cabins were carried through temporary bamboo stilts installed by volunteer townsfolk to help out a family who wished to move to another location. This tradition echoed through the succeeding generations and was the origin of the Bayanihan concept, which is defined as the communal spirit that desires to achieve one common objective.

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