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Stockfish Guide

Norvegia, Norvegia

Guida Food
National Pride

Stockfish is a dried cod product that is source of great national pride in Norway. It has played an important role in its history for more than thousand years, providing their Viking ancestors with much-needed sustenance during their epic voyages. Stockfish is mentioned in Egil’s Saga and even Leiv Eiriksson was said to have had supplies of the dried fish with him when he discovered America.

A unique combination of factors

Stockfish is a world-class delicacy and an important part of Norway's cultural heritage. The climate in Northern Norway is perfect for creating stockfish - with temperatures of around 0°C and just the right balance of wind, sun and rain. A subtle change in weather conditions can affect the product, which is why the only stockfish from Norway tastes like it should - mild and with a firm texture that holds even after soaking.

Stockfish is harvested by hand in spring. The harvesting of stockfish in Lofoten normally takes place from the middle of June, while in other parts of the country the stockfish is harvested as soon as it is dry. The degree of dehydration is based on a subjective evaluation, in which various methods are employed. The stockfish is stacked and arranged so that air can circulate freely around the individual stockfish. The largest stockfish, which require the longest drying period is placed at the top and exterior of the stacks to ensure that secondary drying is as rapid as possible.