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Bullit de Peix Guide

Ibiza, Spagna

Guida Food
A truly rare specialty

Neither all the locals can cook it! Yes, for real. “El Bullit de Peix” is the Ibiza’s most typical dish with a sea taste, where fish is the main ingredient, and rice makes it the perfect combination when cooked with love. In the island you will find a huge number of restaurants where the dish is served: one of the most delicious dishes from Ibiza’s gastronomy is the bullit de peix followed by arroz a la banda.

The bullit de peix is a typical stew which is usually composed of fish such as grouper,monkfish and rotja ( typically found in Ibiza) , potato chips ,and all covered in a light sauce made up of garlic mayonnaise mixed with fish broth . The rice is then served with the bullit de peix and consists of a sepia paella rice with broth and baked in the oven . It is usually eaten directly from the pan.

This unique dish has to be included into your holiday menu. Please don’t let its name put you off and remove from your mind the image of that tasteless boiled fish. The bullit de peix is one of Ibiza’s most flavorful and traditional meals, very typical of life on sea in Ibiza. Fishermen that used to go out to work at sea used to prepare this meal on board with rock fish such as grouper, megrim, scorpionfish… They would boil them and add to this a delicious sause and boiled potatoes, and then they would add a simple fisherman’s rice to which they would only add a bit of the same sauce, some fish broth and bits of cuttlefish.