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Disco Ibiza, Spain

Sometimes...size matters Privilege

Of course the 'World's Biggest Club' couldn't be anywhere else in the world, but even such an accolade doesn't prepare you for the scale of what you're facing with Privilege. A Main Room like an aircraft hangar; Privilege has become renowned for providing the spectacular and grandiose, like no other can. Privilege's beginnings as Ku are a core part of the whole Ibiza story and with Manumission, it hosted one of the world's most famous parties for over a decade. A swimming pool at its center and layer upon layer of different parts of the club to explore, Privilege smashes down any existing boundaries you may already have for the clubbing experience. Privilege's glass-encased Vista Club has become a haven for house and techno raves, with parties always continuing until the spectacular dawn washes through the floor to ceiling windows, illuminating the room with a brilliant view of Ibiza Town in the distance.

Very Expensive

07816 San Rafael, Balearic Islands, Spain

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