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Chicken Testicles Guide

Hong Kong, China

Food Guide
Only the brave

In every culture, at least one food requires courage from those who try it for the first time. Take French cuisine, for example. You have to wonder who decided that only the common garden snail could do proper justice to a garlic and butter sauce. Yet escargot tastes delicious – once you forget that your appetizer spent many happy days spreading mucus trails and feeding off decayed plants...the same goes for the main character of this guide: Chicken Testicles.

A part of the chicken you didn’t think you could eat, Chicken testicles pop up on many a Hong Kong menu: the testicles themselves are boiled or fried whole and look a little like chipolata sausages, with a soft interior. They’re served with rice, or noodles and broth.

Chicken testicles are one of the less appealing weird foods that you may find on a menu in Hong Kong. The texture is a bit like soft tofu and the flavor is more like liver. Chicken testicles as a dish originated from the Hakka area of Guangdong province. In restaurants, they call these “Hens’ eggs”. It is meant to be good for women’s skin and men’s kidneys.