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Finnish Sauna Guide

Helsinki, Finland

A bit of story

The word sauna is an ancient Finnish word originally linked to the meaning of "winter residence". To get a feeling of greater heat, steam was produced by throwing water on stones heated on the fire until it became hot. In the first saunas, the stones were heated with a wood fire and the smoke (in Finnish savu) was brought out after having spread in the room (the Finnish "savusauna" recalls this custom)

Advantages of finnish sauna

The effects on health, not only physical, of this therapy are known since its beginnings and, today, universally appreciated -Cleaning and plasticity of the skin: contextually, there is also a reactivation of the blood circulation that brings oxygen to the epidermis itself, giving it shine and plasticity. - Strengthens the immune system: The increase in body temperature during treatment, helps the body to fight bacteria and viruses that do not withstand temperatures above the norm. - To detoxify the body: through sweating, the body is able to eliminate toxins and waste present in the body. -Individual loss: that the sauna helps the weight loss is partially correct, in fact, by stimulating the circulation, it has an important role in the efficiency of the metabolism which is precisely what allows us to lose weight or which makes us gain weight if it is malfunctioning

The first type of sauna was used primarily as a winter home and only secondarily for a hydrotherapy practice. In Finland, today, the sauna is part of people's daily lifestyle and most of the buildings have one.