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Drink Formentera, Spain

A very special place on this very special island Piratabus

For more than 40 years Pirata Bus has been a favorite meeting-point for people from all over the world. They spend their beach day accompanied by ice-cold drinks and delicious tapas. Later, while listening to good music, they say goodbye to the day and enjoy the beautiful sunsets which can be experienced from Pirata.

Pascual, better known by the name of “Pirata”, had a discotheque together with his friend Pablo. It already attracted people’s attention back then during Franco’s time because of the good music that was played. One day, some hippies from Germany happened to stop there. They were on their way south to Ibiza with their VW-Bus. They talked about the small neighbouring island of Formentera and about its wonderful beaches. Delighted with everything they had been told about these beautiful islands, Pascual and Pablo couldn’t help but plan their next holiday to Ibiza, and to definitely make an excursion to Formentera. When they did visit Formentera they specially liked this small island with its magic charm which remains to this day. The island they had just ‘discovered’ got under their skin in such a way, that they decided to sell their discotheque on the mainland and settle down in Formentera. Pascual and Pablo looked for one of the most beautiful places along Mitjorn beach then bought an old bus and transformed it into a beach bar. For many, a visit to the bar is and has been for many years a ‘must’ in their Formentera holiday agenda. Pirata Bus became their second home and the legend began. It was the seventies, a decade during which alternative tourists, hippies, and celebrities like Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan, King Crimson, Wolf Bierman and Chris Rea ( just to name a few) visited the island. There was never a day without live guitar music in Pirata Bus.

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    07872 Es Caló, Illes Balears, Spain

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