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Museo Archeologico Nazionale

Museum Ferrara, Italy

Visit Museo Archeologico Nazionale

The National Archaeological Museum of Ferrara is housed in Palazzo Costabili. In the structure are exposed several artifacts from the excavations of the Etruscan city of Spina, flourished between the sixth and third centuries BC.

The exhibition itinerary follows a chronological criterion. Among the finest pieces are the symposium kits and the extraordinary collection of red-figure Attic ceramics (craters, kylikes, amphorae, hydrie). The paintings represent mythological scenes, produced by important Athenian artists of the time, and testify the spread of Greek art in the Etruscan context. Other ceramics come from Magna Graecia, with a quicker painting. Next to objects of great wealth there are others of more common use as plates and bowls, askoi in the shape of an animal, complete for the game of dice, in bone and in stone. Of Etruscan production they are mainly bronze objects, such as candlesticks, tripods, supports. Note the high Adriatic ceramics, produced locally when the contacts with Greece ceased.

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Opening Time
    lunedì: 09:00–19:30
    martedì: Chiuso
    mercoledì: 09:00–19:30
    giovedì: 09:00–19:30
    venerdì: 09:00–19:30
    sabato: 09:00–19:30
    domenica: 09:00–19:30


Via XX Settembre, 122, 44121 Ferrara FE, Italia

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