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Walls of Ston

Walled city Croatia, Croatia

Longest fortress system in Europe Walls of Ston

As tourists throng to Croatia for its placid blue-green waters and exciting seaside cliffs, they still face the great walls that protected the city from Ottomans for the last 500 years. Ston and its smaller neighbor, aptly named Mali Ston (Little Ston), are completely connected and surrounded by a five-kilometer defensive wall. Situated on the Dalmatian coast, the walls and fortified port resemble the more famous Dubrovnik harbor, only 60 kilometers to the south. However, the walls of Ston are twice as long as those of the more-acclaimed Dubrovnik and make up the longest fortress system in Europe. The walls also feature forty stunning defensive towers and a massive hillside fortress looking over the city from the rocky outcroppings above.

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20230, Ston, Croatia

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