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Top 3 beaches in the Cinque Terre area

Cinque Terre, Italy

Collection of 3 places
Between naturism and legend Spiaggia di Guvano

Guvano is one of three beaches of Corniglia; it is a legendary local place in the imagination because it has behind it the story of the naturist beach. Anyone in the Cinque Terre area has a fantastic story to tell about the Guvano beach. No matter whether true or invented stories: everyone has an anecdote on this magnificent stretch of coastline. All started in the 70s when the wonderful Guvano became the gathering place of a cosmopolitan hippie community. Just then was born the myth of Guvano Nudist beach: transformed into a kind of autonomous territory, thanks to its secluded nature, the enchanting bay conquered an irreplaceable place in the imaginary, made stronger by the curiosity aroused by naturism. To strengthen the image of “prohibited place” the voices of the cavalier use of LSD of the beachgoers.

Have some "Bellavita" Spiaggia di Monterosso

This beach is situated in the old town of Monterosso where also the trail to Vernazza starts. It's a sandy beach near the boats rental area and is divided into public and private zones. From the train station turn left and walk along the promenade in direction old town, pass the tunnel and you'll see the beach on your right side within a 10 minutes walk.

Enjoy some Tyrrhenian Sea Spiaggia di Fegina

The biggest and the most comfortable beach in the Cinque Terre. In general, tourists start their vacation here; it's the only sandy beach in the area. This is the perfect place if you are looking for a traditional beach with sand and umbrellas. You can either choose to pay for an umbrella and a chair or settle in a free area with your own towel. Along the promenade you'll find restaurants, pubs and ice-cream shops. To reach the beach take the train that goes between the Cinque Terre villages and you'll find the beach right in front of the train station in Monterosso.