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Statua del Gigante

Statue Cinque Terre, Italy

God of the Seas Statua del Gigante

In Monterosso, near to the beach of Fegina you can find the statue of the Giant / Neptune built by the Italian sculptor Arrigo Minerbi (the favorite artist of Gabriele D’Annunzio) and the architect Francesco Levacher. In the past, not too far away, the impressive sculpture, with their 14 meters high, stood on the promontory as decoration of the luxurious Villa Pastine (built in the early ‘900). In addition to the trident, Neptune was holding a gigantic shell on his head, that was nothing more than the beautiful house terrace. Unfortunately, during World War II, Monterosso was bombed by allied forces, and the Neptune statue (along with the villa) suffered serious damage. It was damaged even further by heavy seas in 1966.

19016 Monterosso al Mare, SP, Italy

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