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District Berlin, Germany

Italian Adriatic flair in the middle of a pulsing metropolis Neu-Venedig

In the south-eastern corner of Berlin you will find the residential settlement of Neu-Venedig. Just like in Italy, the Müggelspree branches into canals. With its five canals and 13 bridges it might not be quite as big as its Italian inspiration, but it’s at least as charming, and you’ll feel it as soon as you arrive in Neu-Venedig in Köpenick, a true hidden gem.

One of the most beautiful and least-known places in Berlin is hidden away between the lakes Müggelsee and Dämeritzsee. It’s a settlement of residential and holiday homes that can’t be explored in a gondola or a Spreewald barge, but is perfectly accessible by small boat or canoe. Typically for Berlin, it’s authentic and relaxed. Neu-Venedig is one of the city’s best-kept secrets for sightseers. Succumb to the charms of Berlin’s little Venice with its water lilies and swans – either on foot or on a bicycle tour.

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